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Is English the primary language spoken in the home?
Is the student currently in an English Language Acquisition (ELA/ESL/ELL) program?
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Is this student on an RTI (Response to Intervention)?
Is the student currently attending the Endeavor Academy?

**All Special Education transfers will be reviewed for program availability by Directors of Student Achievement Services.

***Transportation as a related service in the IEP/504 becomes the responsibility of the parent.***


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Do you have another child currently attending this school who will be attending this school next year?
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Intra-District Transfer Procedure


Intra-District Transfer is to be used when there is a need to consider a student transfer from one school to another after the deadline for School of Choice has passed . Transfers after the School of Choice deadline are difficult because individual buildings have already received staffing and resources. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Appropriate space must still be available within the grade or program being requested. This application will not be processed if the home address listed on the application does not match the address that the District has on file. The Parent will be required to process an address change with District Admissions prior to consideration of the transfer.  


Intra-District Transfer Process


  1. Parent completes the Intra-District Transfer Request , including the section regarding the reason(s) for the request.
  2. A conference with the parents and student may be required by the principal/designee from either the current or requested school.
  3. The principal or designee of the requested school will notify the parent regarding the decision, and if approved, provide instructions regarding the transfer from the student's current school and enrollment at the new school.
  4. If approved to " End of Year" or " End of Semester Only" , it is understood that the student will be returning to their home school for the following term. To remain at the requested school, parents must complete another Intra-District Transfer or School of Choice request.
  5. If after completing an Intra-District Transfer , a student decides to return to his/her current school, they will have to go through the entire transfer process again even if the student has never actually attended the requested school.

Parent/Guardian Agreement: (*Denotes a required field)

  1. I will assume ALL  responsibility for transportation to and from school.
    ***Transportation as a related service in the IEP/504 becomes the responsibility of the parent.***
  2. According to  Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) policies, my student's eligibility for varsity level competition in sports may be affected at the high school level if this transfer is approved.
  3. If approved, this request is for the above-named student ONLY and does not include approval priority for siblings.
  4. I understand and agree that my child's continuing enrollment in the school of choice is subject to the continuing enrollment established in school board policy  JFBA and JFBB , including but not limited to staffing allocations and/or program availability.
  5. I understand that if this transfer is approved, an Intra-District Transfer  will need to be approved to return to a neighborhood school.
  6. I understand that false information will be grounds for denial of this application.


Students presently attending a Cherry Creek School under a School of Choice  or with an Intra-District Transfer approved to the highest grade level do not  need to complete a new application. School of Choice  students advancing from elementary to middle school or middle to high school must submit a new School of Choice  application.


Non-Resident Applications will be available from April 1 st  to August 1 st  

By signing below and clicking "Accept/Submit," you agree with all statements within the Parent/Guardian Agreement.  You also agree that all data is accurate to the best of your knowledge.


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